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Green Meeting


Also this year, the Innovation Congress will be held according to the Green Meeting requirements. Sustainability is very important to us, and this is why, being responsible regarding the environment and the natural resources is very important for us. Let's think about the future, and let's act in a sustainable way.



§  We only printed out the most important documents, and we only use chlorine-free paper.

§  Regarding the programme development, we have incorporated aspects of diversity and gender theory.

§  Our Catering is based on regional, seasonal and biologial criteria, as well as Fair Trade.

§  In order to make the Innovation Congress more sustainable, we also need your help:

§  If you have to use a car or plane, you can make compensation payments (for example to Climate Austria).

§  Make use of sustainable hotel offers, such as limited change of towels and bed linens, etc...

§  When you leave the hotel room, switch off all the lights and electrical appliances (TV, heater, air conditioning, computer...).

§  Make use of the recycling system in use at the Hotel and the Congress Center Villach (for PET, Paper, Metal, Batteries...).

§  After the end of the Congress, hand in your name badge at the reception point.

§  Before your departure, fill in the questionnaire (available at the reception point).


For further questions regarding the Green Meeting, you can contact Ms Grünbacher (Congress Center Villach) at Irene.Gruenbacher@ccv.at .


Many thanks for your support.


 We are trying to hold this event according to the criteria of the  Austrian Environment Certificate for Green Meetings and  Events