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Art works of Mr Reinhard Gussmagg, that describe the atmosphere at the Innovation Congress


Innovation is strongly linked to creativity. How much innovative energy a firm can produce, depends to a large extent on the creative potential of its employees, as well its internal culture,

that either supports or inhibits that potential. Innovation is an act of creation, that only becomes real through a specific achievement, a product, a business model or a process, in the same way as the thoughts of an artist only become apparent through his art works, as well as tangible and becoming open to interpreation by the audience. Since a few years, the artist Mr Reinhard Gussmagg caught the spirit and the atmosphere of the Innovation Congress in Villach, and creates, based on that, an art work as his personal Congress summary. So let the Congress pictures of the previous years sink in, maybe, as a Congress participant yourself, you have similar or maybe even totally different images in your mind.


But, in any case, do enjoy the art works, and look forward with anticipation to the Innovation Congress.



2013 „The Secret of Innovation“

2014 „The Spirit of Innovation“

2015 „The Power of Innovation


2017 „Plug into the digital future”



Mr Reinhard Gussmagg

A technical education, creative work, linked to a love of communication, made me into the person I am today. Since 1991, I work in Sales and Marketing for various firms. In that time, I gained experiences in different business areas, as well as company structures abroad and at home. My firm (Gussmagg-Art) focuses on unusual advertising pictures in Marketing and various visualisations in process and business development. I bring together business and entertainment with artistic portrayals. The powerful images create enormous added value for my customers.