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Rates 2019


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Secure your participation in the Innovation Congress 2019


Overview about the current ticket prices for the Innovation congress 2019:



3-day ticket valid on 12th, 13th and 14th November 2019

Access to InnovationAcademies, InnovationDay and BauForum or SmartLiving Forum




2-day ticket valid on 13th and 14th November 2019

Access to InnovationDay and BuildingForum or SmartLiving Forum




2-day ticket valid on 12th and 13th November 2019

Access to InnovationAcadamies and InnovationDay




1-day ticket valid on 12th, 13th or 14th November 2019

Access to InnovationAcadamies or InnovationDay or BuildingForum or SmartLiving Forum




All rates additionally taxes!

Includes same program points, evening program, documents for download, all culinary breaks**

*Early bird bonus until 31th august 2019

**Culinary is included only on 13th and 14th November 2019


Is something still unclear? Please take a look at our ticket FAQ, or write us a quick e-mail to: office@innovationskongress.at


Ticket FAQ


Can I share or transfer a ticket?
@ Share: The tickets are personalized and therefore can not be shared among several people.
@ Transfer: The transfer of tickets to another name is possible once until 30.10.2019. Please write an e-mail to office@innovationskongress.at

How do I change my ticket to another person?
No problem. Please send us an e-mail to office@innovationskongress.at, we are here to assist you.
Please note that a change of the ticket is only possible until 30.10.2019!
You can not come and want to have your ticket rewritten to someone else? You want to give or sell your ticket?

How do I cancel a ticket and how much are the cancellation fees?
The cancellation of a ticket is € 50% of the ticket sales price. For cancellations from October 30, 2019, the entire participation fee is due. The cancellation must be made in writing to office@innovationskongress.at. To save cancellation fees, you can resell the ticket and rename it for free to a different name. For resale information, see the FAQs at: How do I have my ticket redesignated?

I need an invoice for my ticket purchase.
When buying a ticket, a corresponding invoice will be created. The data will be requested in the order process. If you have any further questions, or have found a mistake, or have not received an invoice, please contact us via office@innovationskongress.at

Will there be day tickets at the Innovation Congress?
Yes, in our webshop are day ticket for 12.11., 13.11. and 14.11. available.


What happens if the Academy does not take place for you?
The InnovationAcademies take place when at least 12 participants have registered for it.
Should one of the Academies be unexpectedly canceled, the registered participants of this Academy are required to choose one of the academies taking place.
A refund of the purchase price is not possible

Can I bring an escort to the Innovation Congress?
Of course! The easiest way is to buy a regular ticket for your escort.
But there are also other options:

Companions for people with disabilities
The Innovation Congress also wants to be as tangible as possible for people with disabilities. We are organizing the Innovation Congress in the Congress Center Villach barrierearm and give a lot of help. People with a disability can take an accompanying person to the Innovation Congress free of charge. A handicapped passport is necessary. Please contact us in advance via office@innovationskongress.at with a brief explanation or the simple reference to the desire of an "attendant". Please contact us as soon as possible!

Other accompaniments
At the Innovation Congress, all participants should feel comfortable and safe. If you need an accompanying person or animal, please contact us at office@innovationskongress.at
Please contact us as soon as possible!

What limitations are there at the inlet?
For the welfare of the animal and also for safety reasons, dogs and other animals are unfortunately not allowed in the CCV. There are exceptions for guide dogs.
bag checks
At the inlet, a pocket check can be done. Large bags and suitcases may not be taken to the CCV and must be handed in at the free suitcase in the entrance area. Bags that are taken with the CCV must not be larger than a laptop bag or a backpack.
glass bottles
Large glass bottles may not be taken to the CCV.
Pyrotechnics, weapons
Of course, they are not allowed.


Can I get to the after-show party without a ticket?
In 2019, the venue of the InnovationNight is unlikely to be freely accessible.