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Organization and Team

Innovation Congress


The goal of the Institute for Innovation is to promote innovations and to turn the Alpe-Adria Region into the most innovative region in Europe.


One of the main purposes of the Institute is to organize the annual Innovation Congress, which represents a unique knowledge and energy reservoir for all innovators, as well as research and development in the areas of innovation and innovation management. The research results are published in professional journals, in order to make them accessible to national, as well as international professionals.


A varied mix of many highly competent speakers attend the annual Innovation Congress, with business and/or academic backgrounds, and provide/exchange new ideas and research results during various speeches/presentations and exchanges.



Organization and the Team of the Innovation Congress



Peter Granig

Founder and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board


Innovation is his calling


Dr Peter Granig, born in 1969, is a Professor for Innovation Management and Business Administration at The University of Applied Sciences Carinthia since 2005, its Vice-Rector since the Spring of 2014, and the Rector of The University of Applied Sciences Carinthia since April 2016.

After completing his in-company electrical apprenticeship, he attended a professional Higher Technical Academy for Electrical Engineering, and then he studied Business Adminstration and Group Dynamics at the Alpe-Adria University, as well as Management and Accounting in the United States. Prof Granig also holds a Doctorate from The Institute for Controlling and Strategic Management of the Alpe-Adria University, in the field of appraisal of innovations with the help of risk simulations.

Dr Granig has more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of innovation management and business development in domestic, as well as international companies.

Also, Prof Granig is the writer of numerous professional publications in the fields of innovation and innovation management.

At the moment, his research focus is on strategic innovation management, business model innovations and strategy development.


Contact: peter.granig@innovationskongress.at



Gerd Bacher


and Operations Manager of The Institute for Innovation


Mr Gerd Bacher (born in 1969 in Villach) studied Business Administration,

and after his first professional experience, he joined the Kleine Zeitung Newspaper,

where he successfully increased advertising sales during his 18 years there,

and by now, Mr Bacher is already the Advertising Manager for Carinthia.


Mr Bacher is a Founding Member and a Member of the Board of the Institute for Innovation,

and also in his free time, he is constantly working on the further development of the Innovation Congress, as well as being responsible for the overall organisation and operations of the event.


Contact: gerd.bacher@innovationskongress.at




Margit Ebner

Head of Organisation and Webmaster

Since 2011, Mrs Margit Ebner is a Team Member of the Innovation Congress,

and thus adding enormous female innovation and business power.

Mrs Ebner is the managing director, and responsible for Congress Participants and Speakers Management, as well as being the Office Manager.

She is also the Webmaster of innovationskongress.com, and keeps you updated with all the relevant facts about the Congress.


Contact: margit.ebner@innovationskongress.at




Erich Hartlieb

Vice-Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board of The Institute for Innovation


Dr Hartlieb (born in 1969) is from Upper Carinthia and is a Professor for Innovation and Technology Management in the field of Geo Information at The University of Applied Sciens Carinthia since 2009.

He studied Industrial Engineering at The Technical University of Graz, where he also worked for 4 years at The Instiute for Industrial Business Administration and Innovation Research as a University Assistant. Dr Hartlieb is a Founding Member and a Board Member of The Knowledge Management Forum Graz. The last 10 years he was a Strategy and Innovation Consultant for medium and large companies, and he also wrote numerous professional publications and speeches.


Contact: erich.hartlieb@innovationskongress.at




Martin Maitz



Mr Maitz was born in Villach, his main professional focus is on organisation, marketing and innovation:

For 20 years, he was a Project Manager in technology firms, since more than 10 years he is Board Member of the Marketing Club Carinthia, a Founding Member of the Austrian Marketing Confederation, a Member of

the Board of The Institute for Competencies of the Future (in the areas of marketing and innovation) and the Founder of the Initiative for Intelligent Innovation.

Attribute: Future-oriented.

At the moment, he is writing his Doctoral Thesis (Innovation Systems of the future).


Contact: martin.maitz@innovationskongress.at




Wilfried Pesentheiner

Corporate Publishing Manager of The Institute for Innovation


Mr Pesentheiner was born in Villach, and right after graduating with a Business Administration Degree, he started working in the media industry. After various positions in Styria Media Publishing, he switched to writing, and was for 10 years the editor of regional business magazines,

and at the same time, he started his own Public Relations and Advertising Agency.

Since 2011, he is a Member of the Organisation Team of Innovation Congress, being responsible for all the texts on the website, in the journal, as well as the newsletter.

His goal is to not only make the Innovation Congress better known, but also to promote awareness for the importance of innovation for all firms.


Contact: Wilfried.pesentheiner@innovationskongress.at




Organization BauForum



Volker Bidmon

Mr Bidmon (born in 1966 in Upper Austria) attended the HTL School for Civil Engineering in Linz, and studied Building Engineering at the Technical University of Graz until 1994.

He passed his Master Building Exam in 1996. Mr Bidmon is also a court-certified expert.

Since 2007, Mr Bidmon is the Director of the Department of Roadworks of the Carinthian State Government, Section 9.


Contact: volker.bidmon@ktn.gv.at



Walter Schneider

Prof Walter Schneider, Director of the Building Engineering and Architecture Department,

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Director of the Research Association of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Founder and Co-Organiser of the Building Forum


Prof Schneider (born in 1955) is from Styria, but since 35 years, he is working in Carinthia, 23 years for Ilbau, and then Strabag, where his career (after studying Building Engineering at the Technical University of Graz) led him into the field of tunnel engineering, where he worked as an engineer, and later as section and building manager, in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand and in the USA.

Since 2004, he is the Director of Building Engineering Studies at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Spittal, and from 2008 to 2012, he was the Vice-President for Research and Development. Prof Schneider is also the Vice-Chairman of the Carinthian Section of the Austrian Engineering and Architecture Association.

The Initiative Building Forum has the goal of making the theme of building, in the context of innovation, technology, development, culture, nature and the real world visible, as well as showing it to the general public as an achievement relevant to the society as a whole.


Contact: w.schneider@fh-kaernten.at



Organizer SmartLiving Forum



Johannes Oberzaucher

Johannes Oberzaucher acts as professor for Active and Assisted Living at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), is the lead of the department for “Health and Assistive Technologies” at the Institute for Applied Research on Ageing (IARA) and is part of the Austrian „Research Group for Assisted Living Technologies“ (RALTEC). He has broad expertise and experience in interdisciplinary technology development based on the user-centered design approach, in particular regarding Smart Living technologies.


Contact: j.oberzaucher@fh-kaernten.at