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8:00 AM

Check In & Welcome

Building Forum Host: Ute Pichler


8:30 AM

Opening of the Building Forum 2019

Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia, Province of Carinthia

Sebastian Schuschnig, Provincial Council, Province of Carinthia

Jürgen Mandl, President, Chamber of Commerce Carinthia

Walter Schneider, Head of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Applied Sciences Carinthia

Volker Bidmon, Head of department 9 Roads and Bridges, Carinthian state Government


9:15 AM

Beyond the scopes, Visions building

Manfred Spitzer, medical director, Psychiatric University Clinic Ulm

“Digitalization in construction - People, Processes, Society


10:30 AM

Building and Society

Martin Murphy, Office Störmer-Murphy, Hamburg

“Urban development in Hamburg - building more apartments, but where?”

Kåre Poulsgaard, GXN, Head of Innovation

“Fit for life: Designing buildings for a changing planet”


11:45 AM


Specialties from the Alps-Adriatic- Region


1:15 PM

Technologies of the Future

Thorsten Helbig, Executive Partner, Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering -Stuttgart, Berlin, New York

“Material and process - how do we build tomorrow?”

Lisa Koller, Head Asset & Digital Reals Estate Management Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

„BIM meets Smart Building - only hype or weighty success factor for the building of the future?“


2:15 PM

Executive talk: Training for the future?

Peter Krammer, Executive STRABAG SE

Josef Pein, Executive PORR AG

Karl Weidlinger, CEO, Swietelsky Baugesellschaft mbH

Anton Rieder, State Guild Master, Research & Innovation for the Business

Barbara Frediani-Gasser, Vice President, Kammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen für Steiermark und Kärnten


3:15 PM


Selected cake variations, coffee and soft drinks


3:45 PM

The Management of the Future

Heinz Ehrbar, Executive in Residence, Institut for Construction and Infrastructure Management, ETH Zürich

“Management of infrastructure projects in the digitalized world“

Frank Lulei, Contract Management International, STRABAG AG

“50 years of moon landing. What can construction management  learn from the Apollo program”


4:45 PM

Outlook and Farewell

Volker Bidmon, Head of Department 9 Roads and Bridges, Carinthian State Government

Walter Schneider, Course Director, Building Engineering and Architecture, University of Applied Sciences Carinthia


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