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Pascal Nicolay


Head of Laboratory


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Pascal Nicolay studied theoretical physics, engineering and innovation. For the past 18 years he has worked for several companies including TDK-EPCOS and CTR (Carinthian Tech Research). Pascal is an experienced R & D project manager and expert in surface acoustic wave devices for telecommunications and condition monitoring in extreme environments. He is now head of the Carinthian Institute for Smart Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (CiSMAT) and is driving forward the development of new manufacturing techniques and solutions for Smart Materials 3D / 4D printing.


Short Description of the Keynote speech

Magnetostrictive materials, metal foams, regenerative polymers, superplastic materials, acoustic metamaterials ... All new (or almost new!) Material classes with enormous application perspectives. The aim of the lecture is to tell more about these so-called intelligent materials and to discuss their actual and future applications. The focus of the presentation will be on 3D printable intelligent materials that are a class of promising, innovation-enhancing materials.


Session 4


Session 4 - 3-D Printing & Materials

Stage: Drau 1-2

13th November 2019 - 1:30 to 3:00 pm

German/ Keynote


Title: The exciting application perspectives of 3D/4D-printed Smart Materials


Other Speakers of this Session:

Manfred Haiberger, Guillaume Clément, Manfred Ninaus


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