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Frank Lulei


Headquarters Digitalization
Area Manager




Dr.-Ing. Frank Lulei studied physics and civil engineering in Stuttgart. He was able to deepen his knowledge of organization and structuring while working as a management consultant at the Malik Management Center in St. Gallen. In addition, he has been responsible for the project and contract management of major international projects on site, initially at Bilfinger Berger and since the end of 2010 at Strabag. in Nigeria, Bulgaria, India, Israel and England. In 2018 he joined the newly founded Department of Digitization. His main interest is the interaction of organization, digitization and contracts.


Short Description of the Keynote Speech

The moon landing marks its 50th anniversary in 2019. The American magazine Science comes to the conclusion in the late 1960s that the most valuable output of the lunar program was not technological but social: a deeper understanding of how to plan, coordinate and organize the diverse activities of such an innovative endeavor. What can the management of complex construction projects learn from such a mega-project today and in the future?




The Management of the Future

Stage: Josef Resch Saal

14.11.2019 - 3:45 to 4:45 pm

German/ Keynote


Title: 50 years moon landing. What construction management can learn from the Apollo program


Other Speakers of the Session:

Heinz Ehrbar


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