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Manfred Ninaus

M&H CNC Technik GmbH

Business Development




Manfred Ninaus is a partner of M & H CNC Technik GmbH. He is a Managing Director of VMN Valuemanager Ninaus GmbH and supports M & H in the business development of 3D metal printing. He developed the value engineering model for 3D printing and supports M & H in funding and financing issues.
Manfred is a president of the Value for Europe board for value engineering and works for companies to gain market entry into new business areas. In addition to the agenda of innovation management, he is a cost engineer for products and processes.


Short Description of the Keynote speech

History of M & H CNC Technik as a leading competence center for 3D metal printing in Austria. An introduction to the value engineering model for 3D printing and the topology optimization software Inspire will be given. Examples from various industries provide information about the possibilities of 3D metal printing.




Session 4 - 3D Printing & Materials

Stage: Drau 1-2

13th November 2019 - 1:30 to 3:00 pm

German/ Keynote


Title: Insight View im Kompetenzzentrum für 3D-Metalldruck der M&H CNC Technik GmbH


Other Speakers of this Session:

Manfred Haiberger, Guillaume Clément, Pascal Nicolay


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