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8:00 AM

Check in & Welcome

Moderation: Adolf Winkler, Deputy Editor in Chief /Departement Leader Economy, Kleine Zeitung


8:30 AM

Opening Smart Living Form

Gaby Schaunig, Deputy Governor, Province of Carinthia

Siegfried Spanz, Executive Director, University of Applied Sciences Carinthia

Timo Springer, President of the Carinthia National Group, Industrialists Association

Erhard Juritsch, Member of the Board, Carinthian Business Development Fund


9:00 AM

Fascinating Future

Gerald Hörhan, Investment punk, Entrepreneur and Bestseller Author

„Fascinating Future“


9:30 AM

Trends, Vision & Reality

Alessandro Marini, Cluster Manager, AFIL Lombardy Intelligent Factory Association

“Implementing the Smart Factory: Vision & Reality”

Christina Hirschl, Division Head Sensor Systems, Silicon Austria Labs

“Smart Anything Everywhere - What can be expected in the future?”

Ger van den Kerkhof, Senior Accountmanager EU Affairs, Flanders Make

“Can Technology really support humans in manufacturing? - it’s a changing world”


10:30 AM

Bring Technology to life

Carl Spörri, Chief Commercial Officer, modum.io AG

“Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain”

Michael Gruber, CEO, Sensolligent GmbH

Melanie Schranz, Innovationsmanagement, Sensolligent GmbH

StartItUp - The rise of VR, AR and AI“

Christoph Schaller, Senior Director Operations HRS EMEA Innovation & Technology, Flex

“Health Solution @ Flex”


11:45 AM


Specialties from the Alps- Adriatic- Region


1:15 PM

Track 1: From co-creation to business anchoring

Wim De Kinderen, International Project Manager, Brainport Eindhofen EU Office

Johannes Oberzaucher, Head Departement “Health and Assistive Technologies”, University of Applied Sciences, Carinthia

“Smart Ageing? - Living Lab strategies for integrating technology into the life of older people”

Tarja Heinonen, Development Manager, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

“Know your user’s needs - Co-creation brings companies and elderly together”

Bojana Žvan, Medical Doctor at University clinical center Ljubljana

“The slovenian telestroke network - “TeleKap” usefulness and vision”


1:15 PM

Track 2: Prosumer - democratization of production?

Roland Willmann, Professor of Industrial Management, University of Applied Sciences Carinthia

„Tinkering, crafting and innovating in the global village - Trends and opportunities”

Aleš Hančič, Director, TECOS - Slovenian Tool and DIE Development Centre

“Future industry for future living”

Holger Kunze, Division Director Mechatronics, Fraunhofer Institut for Machine tools and Forming

“Smart materials as a bridge between different sciences disciplines and application sectors”

Raphaela Egger, Chairwomen, Product Life Institute Austria (plia) - Nonprofit Association to encourage the Circular Economy

Circular Economy & Design - rethink products, packages, services and systems


3.15 PM


Selected cake variations, coffee and soft drinks


3:45 PM

Regional Innovation Round Table

Barbara Jonischkeit, Head of Health and Bioeconomics, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Baden-Württemberg as a health location - a state initiative with a model character“

Rainer Seßner, CEO, Bayern Innovativ GmbH

“Digital Innovation Platform for SME based industries: Bayern Innovativ’s Think Net“

David Pitschmann, Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH

“Innovation potential in the knowledge triangle of Companies - Research - Education”


4:30 PM

A step ahead

Clotilde Mahé, Project officer at the Alpine Space Programme Joint Secretariat


All lectures will be presented in English.


The results of the Call for Posters will be presented in the Smart Living Lounge with a guided poster walk between 15:30 and 16:30. Find out more https://forschung.fh-kaernten.at/aal/en/smart-living-forum-2019/poster/


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