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Alexandra Ebert

Mostly AI

Client Relations and External Affairs


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Alexandra Ebert joined Mostly AI in 2019 after graduating in Digital Marketing and completing her Master's thesis on GDPR’s impact on AI in Europe. She is responsible for engaging with the privacy community, with regulators, the media and with customers. Apart from that she was pleased to be invited to join the group of AI experts for the Ms. AI initiative.


Short Description of the Keynote speech

Today we collect more personal data than ever before, but with GDPR innovating on AI & using Big Data analytics becomes increasingly difficult. While classic anonymization has two fundamental flaws (and puts your organization at risk), Synthetic Data is a new concept, which not only ensures compliance but frees personal data assets for data driven innovation.


Session 2


Session 2 - Artifical Intelligence

Stage: Gottfried von Einem Saal Nord

13th November 2019 - 1:30 to 3:00 pm

German/ Keynote


Title: AI vs. Privacy - Using Synthetic Data to Tame the GDPR Beast


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Clemens Wasner, Matthias Zöhrer, Martin Gruber