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Gerald Hörhan

Investmentpunk, Entrepreneur and Bestseller Author




Investmentpunk“ Gerald B. Hörhan is an Austrian based investment banker, real estate investor, online entrepreneur and bestselling author. After graduating from Harvard University with degrees in Economics and Mathematics, Gerald worked on Wall Street at JP Morgan before setting up his own entrepreneurial ventures. Gerald is CEO and founder of Investmentpunk Academy, the leading German online financial education plattform. Starting in 2018, Investmentpunk Academy will also offer certified Msc and MBA degrees on the topic of „Digital Business“ jointly with an Austrian university. Gerald is a leading influencer in the fields of finance and entrepreneurship, a columnist for Austria`s largest newspaper, and a guest lecturer at several German and Austrian universities.


Short Description of the Keynote Speech

The digital revolution at home and at work is in full swing and unstoppable. It brings tremendous opportunities, but also enormous risks. What does that mean in particular for players who develop Smart Living technologies? The presentation highlights the importance of understanding the new economy and the importance of digital literacy for future economic development and financial prosperity.

He talks about the strategies used by global IT corporations, and gives impressive examples of how those who do not understand the New Economy, Digitally Illiterate, are being hanged and hit the ground. It also provides approaches to how to successfully develop and market new technologies together.



Fascinating Future

Stage: Gottfried von Einem Saal

14.11.2019 - 09.00 am to 09.30 am

English/ Keynote


Title: Fascinating Future



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