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Udo Müller/ Alois Süssenbacher/ Philipp Hungerländer

Digital Excellence Navigator / Creative Process Müller GmbH / Hex GmbH

Geschäftsführer/ Owner Digital Excellence Navigator



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Udo Müller


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Alois Süssenbacher


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Philipp Hungerländer



Udo Müller

is managing director of creative process Müller Ltd. and has been accompanying national and international companies in transformations and difficult projects as a consultant, moderator and coach for 20 years. His entrepreneurial experience and more than 2,000 consulting and coaching days provide an overview and confidence in coping with complex situations and give clients the necessary orientation in change. He is co-author of the Digital Excellence Navigator and developer of the 5-WORLD MODEL as a tool for transformation design.


Alois Süssenbacher

has been successfully managing technology- and IT- companies for over 30 years. As managing director, he has built up and managed a leading Carinthian IT service company. For more than 10 years he was responsible for international business in Central Eastern Europe and worldwide. He was globally responsible for the development of the industry 4.0 portfolio at a leading European, globally operating IT service provider. Today, as a consultant, he supports companies and organizations on their way to Digital Excellence and makes his expertise available to young entrepreneurs and executives in the implementation of concrete optimization or transformation projects and as a coach. He is a lecturer at Incite Academy and author of the Digital Excellence Navigator.


Philipp Hungerländer

has been working as a scientist at the Institute of Mathematics in the Optimization group since 2008. At the same time he completed his diploma studies in Applied Business Administration and his bachelor and master studies in Technical Mathematics at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. His first doctorate sub auspiciis took place in October 2012, followed by his second doctorate in 2016 in the presence of the Federal President. His research and work focuses on convex and combinatorial optimization, with which he has already won a number of renowned international prizes. Hungerländer completed his habilitation in 2016 and researched at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2016/17. In addition to his academic activities, Hungerländer is also founder (2017) and managing director of Hex Ltd. (www.hex-solutions.com). Hex's core competence lies in the development of algorithms for digitizing, automating and optimizing (logistics) processes using artificial intelligence methods. Currently, 18 mathematicians, statisticians and software developers are working at Hex on the development of customer solutions from the mathematical model to the finished software system.


Short description of the Academy

With the practice-oriented methodology of the Digital Excellence Navigator® (combination of analog & digital tools) and the KI-UseCaseTool, we develop concrete project ideas for the application of artificial intelligence for the challenges of a company.


Core content

Basic impulses

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

Functionality of the Digital Excellence Navigator

Consistent practical example

Group work (division into small groups recommended)

Construction of the company personnel (optional ready-made case studies)

Challenges in implementing the corporate strategy

Identification of the relevant AI digitization components

Identification of concrete project ideas for an AI digitization strategy

First prioritization of project ideas

Exchange of results in plenary session

Reflection and taking away of own project ideas


Target group

Digital Consultants, CIO ́s, CDO ́s, IT, Innovation and Transformation Managers, Business Developers, Business Process Owners and Executives looking for orientation and support in digitization processes.


Benefits for participants

The "codes" of digitisation are translated in the context of business challenges.

The new possibilities of digitization become vulnerable for the participants and thus usable for the entrepreneurial success.

Working in a kind of simulation laboratory creates a similar situation as in a company, which facilitates the translation of the potentials for one's own situation.

The participants focus on the potentials and opportunities and take concrete ideas with them.

In the last months we had about 300 participants in our workshops. Below are a few statements:

Working with the Digital Excellence Navigator quickly leads to solutions.

By jointly developing the initiatives, employees are involved right from the start. This is good for identification and acceptance.

The canvas is easy to handle and shows the networking of the value creation elements.


The Digital Excellence Navigator® is a practice-oriented methodology that supports companies and organizations in developing digitization initiatives and shaping agile digital transformation. In the concrete work with it we have made the experience that the combination of haptic and digital elements opens up completely new perspectives. On the one hand we help to develop digitisation initiatives, on the other hand we support mindset training for managers and employees.


Number of participants

min. 12 persons

Max.: 25 persons


Timeline - Agenda

Presentation basic impulses: 1 h

Company personnel: 1 h

Workshop - Challenges, Digitization Modules, Project Ideas - 3 hours

Results and reflection: 1 h




Academy III

Place:FH Kärnten Villach, Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach

12th November 2019 - 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

German/ Workshop


Title: Digital Excellence Navigator® and Artificial Intelligence



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