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Uwe Mayer & Birgit Mayer

mayermayer, Taten.Labor

Uwe Mayer:CSD Creative Strategy Developer

Birgit Mayer: SCG Strategic Content Guide



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Uwe Mayer


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Birgit Mayer



Uwe Mayer

Uwe Mayer is the creative head in mayermayer Taten.laboratory, a consulting firm for business model development, strategic direction and strong implementation focus for companies. Uwe Mayer deals with the question "Where is ahead?" and has more than 20 years of experience in digital topics. His focus is on finding ways to shape the future with digital transformation. He is also operator of the Coworking Spaces Hg3 in Graz.

Educational background: TU Graz, DI Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Birgit Mayer

Birgit Mayer is the strategic content guide of mayermayer, Taten.Labor. She is responsible for the internal analysis of the purpose and focuses on the gap in efficiency. On the basis of her studies at Graz University of Technology, she spent more than 20 years researching the exciting field between innovation and excellence. Her masterpiece is now the Evolution Tool Box with the tools HX Confusion, Strategic Storytelling within the Customer Journey and the resulting Content Intelligence.

Educational background: TU Graz, DI Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Short description of the Academy

In dynamic markets, the goal is not simply to survive but to take the appropriate steps between the customer's wishes and one's own potential. As clearly as possible, as quickly as possible, in the best case systematically.

The EVOLUTION CAN WHAT (vulgo Canvas) is a helpful tool on this way. It immediately increases the strategic efficiency by an average of 40%. The focus in the Academy is your business model with the central question: "Where can I get better?


Core contents

Apply the evolution can-what (vulgo canvas): Describe, question, develop or challenge your business model.

Solve Micro Challlenges to each of the new building blocks.

Experience the difference between optimizing, innovating and transforming.

Try out the Evolution Tool Box: e.g. six innovation types in the Evolution Matrix, Trend Radar, HX Confusion, Purpose Challenge.


Target audience

Anyone who wants to make strategic decisions for organizations systematically.


Benefits for participants

You expand your action portfolio in three subject areas:

1 WHAT really drives your business: You have clarity about the options your products and services have to create new added value for customers.

2 HOW to focus on customers: You broaden your understanding of customer needs.

3 WHY your organization is particularly attractive: you develop a common language and history for transparent strategy work.


Number of participants:

min. 12 persons

Max. 27 persons


Timeline - Agenda

#KannWas Workshop 09:00 am - 12:00 pm

1. Evolution Canvas: 9 Fields of Evolution

2. Triple I: Check your individual innovation index

3. Find orientation at any time: The Do-It-Yourself Trend Radar

4. To the "Survival of the fittest" in three steps

5. short break: between innovation leadership and operational excellence


#KannWas shake 01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

In focus: my business model put to the test - customer wishes in focus

1. review your own business model with the Evolution Canvas to maintain CRITICALITY

2. find the field with the most exciting potential for the greatest DIFFERENCE

3. collect different perspectives to improve your CHANCES

4. summary of the findings




Academy IV

Place: FH Kärnten Villach, Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach

12th November 2019 - 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

German/ Workshop


Titel: Survival of the fittest



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